4 thoughts on “Screaming Wretch

  1. Mike

    I like the song too. Even without the title I hear “tension” in the song. If it were in a movie sound track I could see it on a chase scene, fight scene, or…as the title suggests…in a scene with a verbal argument. I don’t know enough about music to know where this tension comes from…maybe it is the 2 instruments which sound if they are competing at one point. The “B” part gets tense..it seems the song is trying to break out of the 6/8 time. Also it is in the key of “G”….but the song doesn’t begin or end on G note…which might add to the unresolved feeling I get from this song. Again…another good one from the BaconWorks….. 2 thumbs up.

  2. bacon

    Good catch. I guess this tune is really in e minor, which is the relative minor to G. It is also interesting that you hear this tune as a 6/8. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to notate this tune. I one version that I printed years ago had each measure as a different time signature. I think the 6/8 feel starts from the c natural in the first measure and continues until the second a in the second measure. The same pattern is repeated halfway through the third measure. Aside from that, I don’t hear it in 6/8, but those two hooks are strong enough to convince your mind that maybe it should be in 6/8.

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