0 thoughts on “Blackwater Tide

  1. Tara

    Lovely.. printed and added it to my “learn this great tune” binder…
    I can see why it is making rounds..
    Thanks.. God Bless.

  2. Gerald

    Hello i really like this peace of music and my friend and i wanted to play it but we cant figure out the acoustic guitar part. Is it possible that you could e-mail me the tabs for that part. If you cant thats ok, but if you could still e-mail me about it though that would be great thank you.

  3. mark evans

    These two tunes are just great. So nicely put together and of course your playing is masterful. I really enjoy the bass runs you put in on Licking the Moss. By Jove I’ve worked like a beast to be able to play along with you on these two and it has been one fine ride Greg. Hope to see you at Stone’s again soon.

  4. Heidi Doolan

    Somehow I was browsing and was brought to your web-site. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and playing some of your music. I am a music teacher and play fife with Saint Peter’s Drum Corps and flute with the Governors Foot Guard Band. Keep up the good work!


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