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Franklin’s Harem

Franklin in France
Benjamin Franklin, aside from being a founding father of our country, the ‘discoverer of electricity’, a diplomat, an inventor and the guy that first formed public libraries and fire departments, was also quite the ladies man. In the recent HBO series, entitled John Adams, Franklin is portrayed in a less-than-iconic and promiscuous light while performing his diplomatic duties in France. I suppose when you’re a guy that can tame lightning and create counties your gonna have the women fawning over you.

In reference to Franklin’s escapades in France I entitled my most recent tune Franklin’s Harem.

In this recording the tune actually comes behind another tune that I recently posted called The Nobel Train. It has three parts. The first two are in 9/8 and the last part is in 12/8. So, I guess it is a slip jig sort of. You can find the sheet music here.
The Nobel Train / Franklin’s Harem by baconworks

Ancient Mariners to Perform in Switzerland in 2007

The Ancient Mariners are heading back to Switzerland to perform a concert with our brothers, the Swiss Mariners in the village of Augst on August 14th, 2007. Augst, Switzerland’s oldest city, was built by the Romans in 44 BC and was home to roughly 20,000 people. We had the pleasure of performing in the amphitheater in Augst, back in 1990. Since then it has gone through a lengthy excavation and renovation. We are really excited to be heading back to this great location.

In preparation for our concert, we have been working on some of our old classics as well as thinking about new music. I have been trying to convince the Mariners to play the well known slip jig ‘Kid on the Mountain’ on fifes and drums. Dan, one of our drummers asked me to send him a recording of the melody so that drumming could be written. I was going to send him a simple penny whistle track but I got a bit carried away.