The Call and the Answer

hammered dulcimer

Have you ever heard a song for the first time an yet it felt like you’ve known it forever? I guess you might call it ‘love at first listen’. Well, the hammered dulcimer player at John Stone’s, whom I’ll refrain from naming in this post, sang a song a couple months back that fits that bill. I was able to convince her to sing it again at last night’s session. Man, what a beautiful song. Once she finished singing it I asked her to sing it again. She ignored my second request, and rightfully so. Who really wants to sing a song twice in a row? But I would have listened. And today, it’s all I could do to get the melody out of my head. Or at least my fading recollection of what the melody was.

So, here is the deal. I spent a couple hours recording a melody that is probably not at all what the melody actually is but instead how I remember it. I can get away with this because, after all, it is folk music. Besides, that is how these things evolve. What I recorded is really just a sketch, a placeholder, impromptu harmony and all, until I can convince our hammered dulcimer player to show me how to really play it and record it with me, which I also requested.

The name of the song is ‘The Call and the Answer’. What I have dug up on the song is that it seems to have been written by Phil Colclough, whom I honestly know nothing about. It was recorded by De Dannan on an album called A Jacket of Batteries, which I don’t own and have never heard. So, I suppose I can not truly endorse that album, although I do generally respect De Dannan as very talented so I’m sure it is probably quite good. In any case, here are the lyrics for the chorus. Take a listen to my interpretation of what I heard and I hope to have a guest recording sometime in the near future by our hammered dulcimer player.

You are the call, I am the answer
You are the wish and I am the way
You’re the music, I the dancer
You are the night and I am the day
You are the night and I am the day

7 thoughts on “The Call and the Answer

  1. Sean Egan

    This is such a pretty and melodic tune/song. I can see why you liked it so much. I would really love to hear this woman sing the lyrics.

  2. Tara

    Driven, kind.. I love it.. excellent. Can’t wait to hear more. I’m sure I’ll be singing along. God Bless.

  3. Mike

    It reminded me of a flute song from Star Trek Next Generation, episode titled “The Inner Light”. This song is composed by by Jay Cattaway …and played on Ressikan flute (whatever that is).

    Here’s a link to Youtube, which contains a montage of the episode and the song…

  4. Laura

    I am singing this for a wedding this coming weekend and I am taking the tempo down. It has such a pretty melody and very fitting words for such an occasion that I wanted people to be able to embrace the sound.

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