April 19th…the real Patriot’s Day

Every year the Sudbury Militia and Sudbury Fife and Drum Corps marches from old Sudbury center to the North Bridge in Concord on April 19th. This is not a parade, it is a ten mile march starting in the wee hours of the morning. Why April 19th? Because in 1775 in the morning of April 19th the colonist “made the first forcible resistance to British aggression.” What followed was America’s war for Independence.

Here are a few shots from the march, as well as an mp3 of some of the music that was heard along the way.
Hanover / Harem Scarem by baconworks

3 thoughts on “April 19th…the real Patriot’s Day

  1. Tracey Cuccia

    Greg – great photos…thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend. I saw Keri’s pics on FB, your boys are adorable – and you and Keri look great. Hope to see you this summer :)


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