Jigs at Stones

The Session
Admittedly, I’ve been a bit quiet on baconworks for the last month. I blame it on holidays, a site crash and general laziness.

To get things going again check this out. I stumbled upon a set of jigs that I recorded at a Stone’s session two years ago. I don’t know the name of any of them but it is a nice set. You can hear the casualness of the musicians as they come in and drop out throughout the set. This is very typical behavior since the sets are loosely planned at best. In this case I would say completely unplanned. Consequently, as the set progresses from tune to tune, the other musicians stop to listen and ponder their next move.

Notice the smashing glass at the end of the set. The pint leapt off the stool in front of us. Happens all the time at Stones. After all the place is haunted.
Jigs at Stones by baconworks

0 thoughts on “Jigs at Stones

  1. mark evans

    Good stuff Greg. I enjoyed the textures of the real thing. As session ebbs and flows
    in a very organic manner. That’s why I’m attracted to it. Very much like a living
    being (except for the ghost of John Stone who dumped the pint).

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