Christmas Wish

I was looking through some old files and found this recording from a session that Unstachio and I did a few months back. It was the same session that South Wind/Out on the Ocean came from.

The tune was written by George and is called the Christmas Wish.
Christmas Wish
I recall, at the time, that we both thought we could do better and decided to move on. Again, with the rosey glasses of time, I listen to this now and feel pretty good about it. The one real problem with the recording is that there is an unfortunate hum/buzz. I’m not sure how that happened and I did my best to reduce its impact on the overall quality.

It wouldn’t surprise me if George and I come back to this one again at some point, but for now here ya go.
Christmas Wish by baconworks

4 thoughts on “Christmas Wish

  1. Unstachio

    Hey…….nice cord at the end. It’s one of those “not-by-design” cords but great when they happen.

  2. mark evans

    Bravo Unstashio! Maybe it’s old abused ears, but I hear no hum, just beautiful playing.

    I have to say that late night sessions with Gerorge, Brian and Greg are masterclasses on artistry, musicianship and ensemble music making. These three are some of the finest muscians known to me.

    I’m grateful these lads let sketchy box player hand out with them from time to time.

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