Country Roads

Country Road
Most people, these days, will not admit to being big fans of John Denver. I’ll admit it. Always have been. Ever since I was a child and my parents would throw that scratchy vinyl onto our gargantuan record player … you know the kind, where the speakers, turn table and radio dials are all built into a big honkn’ piece of furniture. It was big enough to make a good television stand as well.
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John Denver songs remind me of the innocence and beauty of childhood. It reminds me of a peaceful time in life where family is your only focus and you can’t ever imagine that when you grow life will present you with challenges. What is not to like about that?

While many will not freely admit they like John Denver, I have proof that most people actually do. I recorded this impromptu version of Country Roads Saturday evening at a friend’s house along with thirty other friends. We played lots of tunes and sang lots of songs. Irish tunes, sea chanties, classic rock, English ballads, drinking songs, songs about ale, songs about dog fat, songs about war, songs about trombones … but John Denver’s Country Roads is always the song people sing the loudest at parties. Always.

While the recording quality is not great I hear something wonderful in it. I hear friends. I hear family. I hear joy. And it brings me right back to being a child, playing in my living room with my family, my father trying to find the notes on his Goya while the record played. And I can only assume, when I listen to this, that the other players and singers have similar unspoken memories and feelings. The music brings them back, like a country road, to a peaceful and happy place, and in that space and time, it unites us. It completely transcends pop music and becomes folk music, which is really what music was meant to be in the first place.
Country Roads by baconworks

6 thoughts on “Country Roads

  1. Keri Bacon Seery

    Ok, I remember that old radio in the house, and damn it was scratchy!!. I am with you Greg, I always loved John Denver too. There is something so comforting about his music. Hearing this song takes me right back to dad trying to play the guitar on the couch and us dancing around the room. I must say to this recording sounds great!! I love Johns voice too!! :)

  2. John Cook and Jen

    My god! Well put Greg. The recording paints a fantastic picture of how important family and friends really are. Thanks again for taking the time.

  3. Fyffer

    And you just made me REALLY regret not going to John’s party on Saturday. Too much going on in my life and the people I want to be with too far away. I know it’ll come around again, and this time I won’t miss it.

  4. Un-Mustachio

    I was attending West Virginia University the first time I saw him in concert. The first song he played of course was “Country Roads”. It was pretty cool. He was one of those performers who could sound even better live. Hey Keri……………I bet it takes a fair amount of beer to get old Greg to dance around the room these days!

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