Motion Charts

I was playing around with Google’s Motion Charts as a way to visualize the traffic that comes to The chart below represents visits to baconworks by country over time. Each ball represents a country. When you click the play button the balls will begin to move showing you the visits per country per month, as well as page views and average time each country spent on the site. Also, you can hover over the balls as they are moving to see which country they represent.

As you can see, from the bouncing red ball, baconworks has not really caught on outside of the United States. Although you may notice a slight rise and fall from Switzerland during the month of August in ’07, which coincides with my trip to Basel. I guess if I want more foreign traffic I’m gonna have to start scheduling more European vacations.

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  1. Sean Murphy

    Hey Greg,

    you always have a place to stay if you want to come to Germany and there are some good little irish pubs in the area if you want to play.

    Great Site and I look forward to seeing more updates


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