Time to Trash IE6

trash IE6
We’ve been having lots of trouble with IE6 at work this week. What a hassle. Then, this evening I noticed that some of my videos on baconworks.com are not displaying properly in IE6. Unstachio, soon to be known as Restachio, had complained about this to me a few weeks back, but as a Firefox user, I wasn’t seeing the issue.

Now, I do not really want to spend my free time trying to prove that IE6 is the problem. But, if your running IE6, the same IE6 that was released seven years ago, I might recommend upgrading to something else. Anything.

Alright. Sorry for the diversion. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

One thought on “Time to Trash IE6

  1. Jason Kuter

    I have a rule which I hate following: Program to IE and fix in Firefox. You will be a much happier developer this way because in reality you are: Writing bad code -> standardizing it. Its like sanding the rough edges of a carving :) IE7 and IE8 are better, but not great. This is where libraries like JQuery save the day because they take the effort out of cross-browser issues for you. To anyone still running IE6…Really?! I mean…really…its 2008.

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