The Groton Session

With Halloween approaching I thought it only appropriate to continue my trend of playing sessions in places that are haunted.
Common Ghost
So, last night I trekked up the road with Unstachio to The Stagecoach Inn in Groton, MA. Sadly, I didn’t encounter any ghosts but I’m happy to report that there was a lot of spirit. Vicky the bartender, Aisling, the woman who organized the session, Mary, Martha, Kevin, Raymond, Peter McGuire, Laurel Martin and all the other fine musicians were warm and welcoming.

One nice thing they do at their session is have monthly workshops where they bring in a seasoned musician to provide instruction during the early part of the evening. Well, unfortunately, I missed the early part. However, once the session got moving, Unstachio and I did get to have a go at backing Tony DeMarco, this month’s special guest. Tony is a universally known and respected Sligo style fiddle player from Brooklyn, NY. I can’t tell you what he thought, but I thought it was quite fun.

Here is a video of Tony with the legendary Kevin Burk. The video is not much to look at, in fact you can hardly see Tony, who is on the right side of the video. The audio is quite good however, and makes it worth a listen. Incidentally, they open their set with Paddy Clancy’s, which is the same tune I posted the other day.

Also, I should mention, that Tony has a new album that can be found on his website. Also, he will be performing this Friday, October 3rd, at the Kendall Tavern in Leominster, MA at 8pm. Apparently there is a session to follow. For more information and tickets contact Aisling. Should be a fun night.

2 thoughts on “The Groton Session

  1. Josh

    Tony has been on a mini tour of the east coast per say. I played with him for his CD launch in DC. What a awesome fiddler with a gentle touch and amazing variations. Tony is one of my favorite fiddlers and has been a huge asset to the Irish Trad scene in NY.

  2. mark evans

    Stagecoach Inn, I used to go to the Bluegrass once a month super-jam.
    Haunted? Well, not while I was there. Any self respecting ghost would run
    for cover with 10-15 banjos, at least 4 dobros and God only knows how many
    Mmandolins, guitars, fiddles and at least 2 basses.

    An Irish session in that same space….I’ll have to wrap my feeble mind
    around that.

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