Growing a Tune: Josh Jazz

Now things are getting interesting. First Unstachio sent along his idea for backing. Then, with Luke’s help, I recorded a completely different track. Now Josh has sent me a rough mix that is much more jazzy than the first two. All of them are great and it is really fun to see how the same melody can be interpreted in a variety of styles. The best part is that I don’t think we are done yet!

0 thoughts on “Growing a Tune: Josh Jazz

  1. Unstachio

    Very nice Josh. I think we have sprouted a new branch. I just can’t seem to find the time to work on it. What’s really neat is that we have multiple directions to work on.

  2. Luke

    Ok fellers, I’m stuck. Josh’s guitar is slinking around the lower registers all syncopated and whatnot so to avoid conflict and mud I’m pretty much following him for the “A” part. It’s not quite there. The “B” part is just a slow rise which feels right, but not completely. What do you suggest? I tried matching the slides, but it just turns to mud, so hitting the beat solid and letting the guitar spin around it is the best I can come up with tonight. Snippet mp3 is here for your listening input. (Sorry, no fancy player.)

  3. Josh

    I like it. Im sorry about the sync stuff. I didnt think that Greg was going to post it. I was just going to let him give me an Idea of if he liked the direction. Anyway I like what you did. Have you looked at the new one yet?

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