The Making of a Tune

I have been playing a lot of traditional Irish music at John Stone’s Public House in Ashland, MA lately. One evening, while driving home from the session a few weeks back, I pulled over and jotted down the following tune that was rattling around in my head. I keep a penny whistle lying around my vehicle for these very moments.

The Perfect Pint

A couple days later I continued to work on the tune only to find that I was confused by what I had written. I quickly realized I had written it as if there were a pickup when, indeed, there was none. I then struggled a bit trying to tack on a B part and after an evening of failed attempts I did the only logical thing. I gave up. I have always found that if I force myself to look at a problem from a new perspective, I am often led to a solution that I did not anticipate. One mechanism that I often use when writing music and am in need of a new perspective is to simply change instruments. So, the next day I picked up a bouzouki and … shazam! … the B part presented itself.

When I played it for Mustachio later that week he asked about the name of the tune. ‘Oohh, I haven’t gotten that far’ I said. However, that very same evening the two of us were admiring the love and attention that is put into pouring a pint of Guinness at John Stone’s. So, from that chat I decided the tune should be called The Perfect Pint. Here is the final printed version that I typed into Finale:

The Perfect Pint

Incidentally, here is how you ruin a Guinness .
Here is a basic mp3 of the tune

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