Memories of Westbrook

The Mariners at Westbrook
From top to bottom this past weekend was one of the best Westbrook Musters I can recall. The weather was beautiful, the music was a blast and the company was great. Here are just a few highlights for me. Feel free to reply with your own.

  • Deb, it’s so nice to see April again.
  • John E. Boy, thanks for the interpretive Irish step dancing.
  • Alan, that spider nearly killed you, glad I could save your life
  • Dan, if ever you need any attire correction in the future, you can count on me. Besides I don’t want you to embarrass the rest of us
  • Beave, good man on ye ol’ goat skins. I guess we’ll have to continue carrying the Gary & Ralph torch since there are no others.
  • Richard Benoit, nice chatting and playing tunes with you. I’ll be sending some music your way.
  • Katie, you are sooo grass roots. Thanks for advertising our session before I knew we were having one. Also, thanks for making me feel good about B minor.
  • To those two girls from Delmar who said they were going to go find Wi-Fi so they could check out my web site … you girls rock!
  • Tim, impressive flute playing. Glad I could convince you to play one more tune.
  • Bosse, I can’t believe you played Shenandoah in F! Cool. You’ve come a long way in a short time.
  • Deirdra, mighty whistle playing. With a little more practice, you should be able to get those tunes up to speed  ; )
  • Jeff, glad you found us.
  • Craig, ninety seven versus of The Humors of Whiskey and I could see the finish line for the first time in three years. But, once again, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory. Someone has to take the blame.
  • Mountain, you should play that Em tune like nine times through. Good shtuff.
  • Kate, bring your pipes to Sudbury, we’re putting you on tape.
  • Tish, your fifing rules.
  • Biscuits, you would have been proud.
  • McGraw, you know how to make ’em. Thanks for bringing them down. I’m so happy you all came. It was the best part of my day.
  • Max, I know you can’t read, but Happy Birthday my little punky pirate.
  • Sudbury and the Troopers, Great performances. Thanks so much for playing my tunes.
  • Rachael, thanks for starting Blackwater Tide in the jam. I guess I should re-learn it now.
  • The only downer of the weekend was that Mr. Dukes and The Salad Queen did not make an appearance. I hope you guys show up at Sudbury because my fans hate it when you’re not there.
  • finally I’ll leave you with Eighteen fifes, Six snare, Six bass, Eight flags, Three gunners, Two prisoner handlers, One prisoner, One musketeer, One Jeff, One Commode and, apparently, a fair young maiden. Boom.

8 thoughts on “Memories of Westbrook

  1. Christian

    Glad you liked the video, believe it or not I shot it with only an Canon A520.

    I mentioned this fabulous blogsite to a few of your members, but I don’t think all of them
    are active on the web so they didn’t know about it. I’ll try to reach out to you next time..

    Keep up the great work; you guys are a joy to watch and listen to!


  2. Sally

    Oh, hey! I hadn’t even noticed that was my pic, with the recolouring… it looks cool like that :-)

  3. bacon

    Even a stopped clock is right once a day. I would chalk it up to a random and isolated aberration that is statistically unlikely to reoccur within the next millennium.

  4. Dan'l

    Greg, thanks again for the attire correction, I had been feeling out of sorts all morning, and I think that was it. Fortunately, Sunday morning I did find my other pre-filthafied sling.

    And the marching? I think it’s Eric’s fault- that Army drilling and bearing and actual knowledge of what he’s doing has got to stop.

  5. Richard

    Billy Budd, B strain, simultaneously played in keys of A and G. Thanks, I love hearing that!
    Westbrook was a good time, looking forward to receiving some music.

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