South Wind / Out on the Ocean

Two Old Stones
A few weeks back I convinced Unstachio (formerly Mustachio) to swing by and record a few tunes. We had been talking about doing just that for some time but the stars had never quite aligned. We had no real plan other than to just play through some things that we play on Tuesday evenings over at Stone’s.

We did all our recording together, he on bouzouki and myself on guitar. The next day, as I began to play with the tracks, I found that they were super-easy to overdub. It is amazing how playing music with someone else results in a track that is much more musical than anything you can do alone. It is that relationship between musicians that is the real magic dust and it is what transforms notes to music. I feel like we captured some of that here and, at the very least, it was a whole lot of fun.

This track is a combination of two traditional tunes. The first tune is called South Wind and is one we just started playing. The second is a popular jig called Out on the Ocean. I love how the bouzouki (left speaker) just seems to lick around the guitar melody (right speaker). Incidentally, I’ve added this track to the working album title called Two Old Stones (George, did I tell you we’re making an album?)
South Wind Out OnThe Ocean by baconworks

2 thoughts on “South Wind / Out on the Ocean

  1. Luke

    Right on man. Sunday morning with my dad all over again…he’s reading the paper as we all sit in the sun room and we’re listening to traditional music on the radio. The dog’s rambling back and forth between my mother (eating breakfast) and myself sitting on the floor. Thanks for taking me back.

  2. Unstachio

    About time you posted this. I can see why you didn’t though. If that is the caliber of stuff you are going to throw in, then I am 150% into an album. The picture is great. I suppose I’m the fatter stone……hey?
    Un :-{

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