What’s in Your Name?

Ever do a Google search on your name just to see what would turn up? Well, in the process of checking if baconworks.com would appear I did just that. For some unknown and, quite possibly, mystical reason the Greg Bacons of the world like to be musicians. It’s like I’m a member of some über-exclusive club. There is a saxophonist Greg Bacon from Indiana, which might explain why I was once requested to play at a party in Gary. Also, there is a self described Bass virtuoso Greg Bacon who plays in a variety of punk bands. Check him out on gregbacon.com. Looks like a nice enough fellow. It also looks as if this Greg Bacon has created a Wikipedia entry for himself. I found the following bit amusing:

Greg is a performer and his ability to “perform” has developed over the years. His mastery is listed below:

  • The Foward [sic] Lean
  • The Foward [sic] and Backward Lean
  • The Jump
  • The Jump and Kick
  • The Jump and Kick and Axe Swing

Fortunately, those are all things I can do on a fife so I was not really compelled to make any content changes. I did, however, update the spelling mistakes. I don’t want this guy giving me a bad name.

What alternate personas do you have out there?

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