Author Profile: Jim Williams

Composer: Jim Williams
Music: The Battle of Flamborough Bay, Miss Potter’s Jigg
Instrument: Fife

Jim’s tune, Miss Potter’s Jigg, was the second runner-up in the Baconworks Tune-smithing Contest. Here is a bit more about him:
Jim Williams
About me: I’ve been fifing for ten years, beginning in St John Junior Ancients, and 5th Alabama Field Music. Somehow, I got into composing music, and published my first music book for the fife in 2003, called Fifes on the Green. I’m now involved with Connecticut Valley Field Music, and the Grand Republic Fife and Drum corps. In my spare time, I do web design, Civil War reenacting, where I portray a tailor, and a lot more music.


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  1. Cyndie Quist

    Subscribing was a snap and easy to understand. When it is complete, which took two minutes and I read everything, there is a link back to baconworks. This is a great find, Greg. Thanks

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