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One of the things that I thought would be nice to do with this blog space is to do some real simple recordings of tunes I like. These are tunes that I did not write but play frequently enough and enjoy them to the point where I would like to share them. I am not giving any guarantees about my interpretation of these tunes as I tend to drift away from the way I originally learned them as the years go by. They are simply tunes the way I play them. When possible I will try to include a link to the sheet music or a reference to where I learned the tune.

The first tune I have selected just rocks. It is called Colliers’ Reel. It seems that this is a fairly well known tune but, man, it can cook. The version I play is a bit different than the version found at but it is the same in spirit. I learned my version from a book called Smoke in your Eyes, which you can get from my friends over at

I like to play this tune into another popular tune called The Earl’s Chair, which I will leave up to you to find.

Here is the mp3:

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  1. Russell Alexander

    Really enjoyed “The Tunes I Like . . . ” Did you do all of the instruments? Writing of the music? Also, I noticed that Hazards of Hatteras.mp3 lists the album as Castaway. Is this a real album/disc? If so what else is on it and where can I get a copy?

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