It is funny how a word can have very little meaning in your life one day and the next it turns up around every corner. In the fall of 2006 I went out sailing in the waters around New London, CT with some old friends on a boat called The Indigo. Since then I have been trying to lyrically incorporate the word ‘Indigo’, along with my experience, into a song. Unfortunately my songwriting skills are horrible and I have, to date, failed miserably. More recently I have been testing some recording equipment and coincidentally one of the components is called Indigo. Oddly enough both Indigo the vessel and Indigo the hardware have provided me with a sense of revitalizing freedom. After thinking a bit about the tune I blogged about last night in Hot off the Brain I realized that it is Indigo. So I put together a quick mp3 of the tune on whistle with some guitar backing. It’s a rough mix but you’ll get the point. At some point I am hoping to thread it together with some other tunes and record them all.

Also, here is a legible copy of the sheet music for the tune.

3 thoughts on “Indigo

  1. Ginger

    Indigo is a very powerful medicinal plant used by herbalists in tincture form
    and as a homeopathic preparation. Produces beautiful long lasting flowers that get started from seed and takes up to 7 years to become established. Very hardy, grows well in poor soil and since it is a perennial it dies down flat each year to begin again in the spring. One of my favorites.

  2. Ginger

    I do not understand your music rating. Is #1 High or Low preference?
    I say High to everything here.

  3. bacon

    Ginger, thanks for pointing out the confusion around the ‘music rating’. I added a key to give some guidance. I hope this helps.

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