Pipe Traffic

There is a new musician that has been coming to John Stone’s for our session on Tuesday evenings. He plays the Uilleann Pipes.
Uilleann Pipes
Man, the pipes give the whole thing a different twist. Check out this mp3 that I was able to record on the Edirol last week. Pay special attention to the second tune. The piper dude is laying on all the regulator keys, or whatever they are called on that crazy contraption. In any case, it sounds like a musical traffic jam. It’s tough to get the flute to sound like that. Other instruments in this musical exuberance: Bouzouki, Flute, Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle. What fun.

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  1. Luke Stark

    OMG! Bottle that and let me pull it out when when I’m blue…it’s preserved “turbo-happy”! I was just getting ready for bed, bleary-eyed and ready to sleep, but thought I’d come catch up on your blog and now I’m wide awake and reaching for my instruments!

    And that Edirol sounds amazing. What a great thing!

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