Wettsteinmarsch Correction

After posting my article about the Wettsteinmarsch I immediately received some important corrections from my Swiss friends. I had falsely asserted that the Wettsteinmarsch was named after the Wettstein bridge. There is however, much more to the story.
Ratification of the Treaty of Münster

My friend Andri tells me the following:

The Wettsteinmarsch, the Wettsteinbridge and the Wettsteinsquare is so called in honor of Johann Rudolf Wettstein, who was mayor of Basel (1645) and a famous swiss diplomat who accomplished independence of the Swiss Confederation from the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation in 1648

Roman, another friend, tells me this:

As mayor of Basel, he went to the negotiations [for the Old Swiss Confederacy] after the 30 years war (Westfälischer Frieden – 1648) despite having no invitation.

Thanks for the corrections guys.

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