This is a test of the emergency broadcast system…

I’d like to take a quick pause in my Mariner posts to give a nod to the spammers. Every day I filter out loads of spam that I receive as comments. Today I got one that I found amusing. It contained one line of compliments followed by a link to some porn site, followed by another line of compliments, followed by another link to porn, and so on. Just so they feel as thought they have some measure of success I am going to post the lines of compliments, minus the links to the porn. Here they are:

Very good web forum, great work and thank you for your service.
What beautiful text and visitors!
The Author, you – genius…
The Good lad an author! I much like site!
Very good contents…
The Author, you – genius…
I am glad to find this forum!

How does Mr. Spammer know that all my visitors are good looking? Impressive. I especially like the bit about ‘Author, you -genius’. Thank you spammers, you’re too kind.

O.k., now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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