We Are the Mariners – The Rights of Man

Rights of Man
To break up the monotony of fife and drum during our Swiss concert we mixed in some Celtic music. We performed three sets of tunes. Here is the middle and slowest set that we played, which is a well known hornpipe called The Rights of Man. Evidently this was a real treat for the Swiss audience since this is not a style of music they typically hear. At one point, although not in this set, we had the entire audience clapping along with us. It was great fun. The other interesting point is that half the guys playing this set were Swiss including Sam the bouzouki player. The first time we ever played this tune with them was two days before the show. That being said, I think it went quite nicely.

One thought on “We Are the Mariners – The Rights of Man

  1. Tara

    Wow… surreal… wish I was there. How fortunate was everyone involved in that trip.. both players and onlookers.
    God Bless xoxo

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