We Are the Mariners – Basel Parade

Here are a few pictures from our parade-pub-crawl through Basel and the festivities afterwards.
This is our oar. It comes to every event and contains the names of all the deceased Mariners. It has two sides.
Canon Crew
Wogs pulling the canon. You can think of wogs as Mariners in training. The one on the left is actually a phenomenal drummer.
View from the rear
Narrow streets, lots of drums, thunderous sound. You’ll have to take my word for it.
Fife line
Fife line. Mostly Swiss guys in this picture.
Good looking fellow ain’t he? What the hell, it is my blog, after all.
Big spoon, Big man. As my Irish buddy says, “You don’t get that big not like’n food”.
Boarding Party
Happy to see they are all in step.
Everyone always asks, “Where are your shoes?” To which I always reply, “I don’t own any.” There is never a second question.
Canon lady
Beer break. This lady found a relaxing place to sit down. What she did not realize is that thought the canon is loud and looks sturdy, it is essentially made out of paper mache. Fortunately, she didn’t do any damage.
Snare Drums
Aren’t they pretty? Old Moeller drums, new paintings, calf-skin heads, warm sunny day, cold beer, Basel…life really is good.
Bass Drums
I’m sorry, could you hit those things a bit harder? My ears aren’t bleeding yet.
Mariner Excersise program
Mariner exercise program. Oh, reminds me of a good joke…
Q: What did the bass drummer get on his IQ test?
A: Drool.
Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist.
After the parade in Basel we jumped on a tram and headed out of town for a party. Our Swiss friend Peter shows us how he can play the drums while hanging upside down like a bat. He might be crazy.
That’s Bob. He is crazy but he’s ours.
A gift From the Swiss. The dead fish is their logo. Cool.
A gift To the Swiss. It was full when we gave it to them. It wasn’t full shortly after.
This one is a little hard to explain.
As usual, tunes all night. Good times.

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  1. Stumpy

    Once again, thanks for bringing a little bit of this awesome trip to those who couldn’t make it. Wow.

  2. Amy

    Cool pictures… welcome home!! I have been reading your blog for some time, never posted before. Glad your trip was awesome and I’m glad your luggage came home too!
    See you tomorrow.

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