The Roaring Bar Maid

I was going through my files and found this rough cut that I recorded a month or two ago. I learned this tune from Lunasa’s Otherworld album.

Incidentally, this 1999 album was one of Green Linnet’s fasted selling albums. Also, on their web site you can listen to the track. They happen to call the tune the Butlers of Glen Avenue but I prefer the title The Roaring Bar Maid.

In any case, I don’t have any real plans for recording a more polished version of this tune. I was just experimenting with the guitar and trying to get it to sound decent with my recording equipment. I just happened to use this tune for the experiment.

0 thoughts on “The Roaring Bar Maid

  1. Sean "Biscuits McGillicudy" Egan

    This is a cool tune! The melody is pleasing, and beautiful on the guitar. I love the way LUNASA really pushes the tempo in this. “Otherworld” has got to be one of my favorite recordings. Full of energy and cutting edge!

  2. Tara

    Sound worked well for you on this one. (The talk of your equiptment paired with your recording space pics–and such was –in part –assisting the push to fix my damp basement. After shelling out a painful chunk of bucks to American Dry Basement.. I look foward to setting up my barbarically basic, yet fun equiptment, mics and such in the near future.)
    God Bless,

  3. Lynne

    I loved this. trying to find a version recorded with fiddle all I can find is flutes and whistles grrr. guitar sounds great and a cool speed to learn from, thanks.

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