La Basilica di San Marco

Diane and I went to church this morning…in Venice! It was the best way to experience the Basilica of San Marco, a gem of Byzantine architecture. I’ve never been in a more grand building, that is, until just shortly after we left church and went to the Doge Palace.

Words, pictures and sounds won’t do the Basilica justice, but I can tell you that the inside glistened as light poured in and reflected of the gold lined domes in the basilica. And when the service started we were treated with a earth moving pipe organ, and a angelic choir, singing in Italian, of course. Now why don’t we do church music like this at home? Very inspiring indeed.

I did my best to discretely record the service and take some pictures, although neither were allowed. But, I did ask for forgiveness while I was there.

You can hear the recording at

Or here:
Basilica San Marco by baconworks




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