Farewell to Fiunary

Every once in a while a song comes along that you just fall in love with. Farewell to Fiunary is one of those songs that I had actually heard a bunch of times, but never took notice of. Then, suddenly, that changed. I don’t know why, but suddenly I was attracted to it.

Fiunary is in Scottland. The little I know about this song is that it was written by Norman MacLeod who lived between 1783 and 1862.

My version here is really just a demo, recorded very late last night. Really, just trying to figure out vocal phrasing as it fits into the guitar. As simple as the song sounds, some of the phrasing can be a bit tricky. And there are moments where my hands want to do something that my voice doesn’t know how to follow. Nonetheless, I find even this rough version to be enjoyable.

Farewell to Fiunary by baconworks

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