Liz Alexander

Saturday night we had a great party at the Bacon house. Lots of friends, both the musical variety as well as the neighbor variety, stopped by for some food, drink and music. I set up a few mics and hoped for the best. Sometimes the best actually happens. We played lots of great stuff all evening for a lively crowd. But the best, as is often the case, happened after most of our fiends left. That’s when musicians are most relaxed, most oiled, and most able to hear and focus on what each other is doing. They are no longer playing for an audience but, instead, each other. That’s when magic starts happening.

So, here we are, past midnight, sitting in my kitchen, I convince Liz, who is ‘draggin’ and opening her fiddle case, to play just one more. Slowly, tunes we had never heard start coming from her fiddle, and we latch on for a four minute ride of some of the most beautiful fiddle playing you’re ever likely to hear.

Liz Alexander, remember her name. This is the first time she has been caught on tape. It most certainly won’t be the last.

Liz Set by baconworks

8 thoughts on “Liz Alexander

  1. Mustachio

    Although that is a fine cut…….having the recorder set up in the office/coat room would have captured the finest music of the evening.

  2. Jennifer Pouliot

    Wow! That was awesome! I want to hear more. [While I was listening to the clip for the third time, my 5 year old daughter came over and asked me what kind of music it was, and said she really liked it.] Liz, you are gifted in so many areas. Please keep playing (and don’t be upset with your dad for passing this link on to your friends! :) )

  3. Lori & Brooke

    Hi Liz!!! You are SOOO awesome!!!!! We’d love to hear more so bring your fiidle next time you come to visit.
    -Wally and Babble

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