Mariner Week

A lot of folks have been asking why I’ve not posted about Mariner Week. Well, I have, just not here. I’ve started and will continue to post over at

In short, the week was great. Here is a photo of me mugging with a Fasnacht mask after all the festivities and just before getting into my Jeep to leave the Deep River Muster. Although I was smiling, it really was a sad moment.

Just to whet your appetite about I’ve included one recording here from my week with the Mariners. This is a set of two tunes called In the Back Seat and McGowan’s Motorcar. Both these tunes were written by the founder of the Mariners, Roy Watrous. Joe, myself and a few others had planned on performing it at the Mariner Muster, but when it came time to play it, the announcer skipped right past the piece. Oh well.

This recording is at Dan’s Firehouse late one evening. Joe and I played it for our Swiss friends since they never got to hear it during our concert.

In The Back Seat / McGowans Motorcar by baconworks

2 thoughts on “Mariner Week

  1. john walker

    hi there,
    ive had an old banjo in my loft for about 25 years and it has a plaque on the case
    which is engraved ” the mariners “, under this heading is the name roger.v.mills
    it is a john grey & sons of london banjo, 5 string rm made in england
    is this an historical / interesting item to you or is it just a coincedental name?
    i think from the stickers on the case it is circa 1975
    i look forward to your reply
    john walker

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