Farewell Tim

Tim Livernois
Tim Livernois, passed away on Monday. Tim was a member of our musical community, playing fife with the Kentish Guard and Irish flute at our late night sessions. Year after year he and I kicked off the session in the Wayside Inn on Saturday of the Sudbury Muster. He had a casual style of flute playing that I always enjoyed backing.

Tim was also instrumental in bringing color to the muster scene by helping to construct the elaborate Casbah for many years. The Casbah became a well know respite during the evenings festivities and often served as the final destination for many late night wanderers.

A few years ago Tim was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and had a tumor removed. After surgery he had to learn how to function again. He came to the Sudbury Session that year knowing that he couldn’t really play any longer. But he fought his way back and relearned how to play music and, astonishingly, was back in the swing a year later.

Farewell Tim, I’ll miss your color, your playing and your friendship.

Farewell Chantey by baconworks

6 thoughts on “Farewell Tim

  1. Matt

    I had many opportunities to play with Tim in jam sessions over the last several years, he was a greast musician and a great person and will be missed.

  2. Mary Lou

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute to Tim. Tim was very special to us and apparently to many others, expessing himself with his music.
    You too have musical talent.
    Thanks again Greg

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