Here comes the big day!

St. Patrick’s day is fast approaching and you know what that means? Green beer and shamrocks in your Guinness?

No Green Beer

No, not green beer. If I find out you’re changing the chemistry of a perfectly well crafted pint with food coloring you’re out of the will. And please, try to convince your bartender that the shamrock is really not necessary. Besides, when not drawn properly it runs the risk of looking phallic and you don’t want your friends laughing at you as you take your first sip. No, instead The Ancient Mariners have an annual tradition which involves libations at a popular Yale hangout called Rudy’s. Beforehand we throw eggs, bacon, taters and a bunch of meat on some grills in the parking lot. All this is in preparation for the New Haven St. Patrick’s day parade. Here’s a hazy old picture, back from the days of film, of the Mariners and the pre-parade festivities in the back room at Rudy’s playing some tunes. If anything noteworthy happens, which is why a go to begin with, I’ll report back on Monday.

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